Behavior and Training Your Dog

Start your coaching straight away.”Every breed of dog was originally bred to serve man doing one task or another. They are most happy when they know what is required of them and have limits set for them. Do not let them chew on your fingers at any point. The shouldn’t ever put their mouth on you even during play. Stop that immediately. This becomes an expression of dominance with the canine as they get older. Do not let them jump up on you or any other person. Granted puppies are small and need to jump on your leg for a head pat but this starts a practice you will not want as an adult. Don’t let them jump up on your cupboards in the kitchen while you are preparing dinner. Do not feed them from the table, Do not let them bark a great deal. Tell them to keep quiet and mean it. They read your voice tone and body language. Don’t permit them to scratch your door to get in. Flick their little noses or you can spray them with a water bottle (make it a brightly colored one). Tell them”no, stop that”. Dogs are extremely smart and will learn quickly but you have to be firm and consistent with them.

Puppies must get out and be socialized to strangers and traffic noise and unusual places BEFORE 16 weeks (4 months) of age or they may end up being a shy puppy. Join a”puppy socialisation class at a good puppy class near you.

Dog Psychology:

You are the”pack leader”! You should always be in a position to take items and food out of the dog’s mouth should he/she get into something bad. Start by petting and speaking to your puppy dog while he eats. If he snarls at you scold him strongly. Tell him you won’t accept that behaviour. If he has a bone in his mouth delicately take it away and then right away give it back to him and praise him if he doesn’t snarl. If he has your Gucci shoe in his mouth take that away and substitute it with one of his own toys and praise him for letting you retrieve the forbidden shoe. Don’t overdue this training but do start young in order that they know not to be possessive about their food or toys with folks. They will be possessive with other dogs but that is to be expected. Your new member of the family is after all still a dog. it is good to teach your dog a command like”leave it”.

Do not let a bigger dog rough up or takes the puppy’s toys and bones away from him. If your dog is”belly up” to another dog they are in fear of their life. Interrupt, as pack leader you’re in charge of the welfare of your dog. This may occur in dog parks. Avoid bigger dogs that intimidate your puppy.


Don’t Let CHILDREN PLAY ROUGHLY OR PICK UP The young Dog incorrectly or unsupervised.

Puppies have been dropped by children causing RUPTURED SPLEENS and DAMAGED BONES. Puppies should always be lifted by holding their rear end as well as holding them under their rib cage. Do not just lift them up from under their front legs. You can cause hernias, pull their scapulas out of position permanently, and it hurts them. They have got to be held firmly as they may leap out of your arms and fall to the ground.