Tips to Remember When Choosing A Crate For Your Puppy


You finally decided you wanted a dog and have just brought home the world’s  cutest puppy. You’re all smiles and you can’t seem to get your hands off him.  That is, until he peed on your expensive living room rug. You then realize that  you need to potty train him if you don’t want him peeing and pooping inside the  house.

Teaching your puppy to go potty outside is your responsibility as its owner.  Though there is truth in what people say about puppy potty-training being a  frustrating process, it’s not a reason for new owners to lose heart. Before you  start doubting your decision in getting a new pup, know that it is possible to  house train him in as little as seven days.

The fastest way to potty train your puppy is through crate training. Crate  training, as the term implies, involves the use of crates. Now, some people may  frown upon this training method as it looks to them that a crate is some sort of  dog prison. On the contrary, a crate is designed to make your puppy feel safe  and secure in his own little home.

With this in mind, it is important to choose a crate in which he will feel  comfortable staying for hours at a time. Here are a couple of tips to help you  choose the right kind of crate for your new buddy:

· Choose a crate that will be big enough for him when he grows into his adult  size. Such a crate will leave plenty of space for him to walk around – something  that we don’t want your pup to do inside his crate. To discourage him from doing  so, place a cardboard box in the box of the crate. Make sure that the remaining  space is big enough for your puppy stand up in and turn around comfortably.

· Get a crate made out of plastic material. The ones that are made out of  wire are flimsy and not as sturdy so your puppy can easily chew through them.  Plastic crates are also more comfortable as they allow air to pass through the  material easily. More importantly, they are also easier to clean.

Potty training puppies need not be as long and arduous as some  people make it to be. Get your pup the right kind of crate to make the whole  bladder-control training a whole lot easier and faster – for both you and your  pet.

Tom is an Internet Marketer, SEO Coach, and dog-lover rolled into one. He has  been potty training  puppies ever since he bought his first mastiff.