Puppy Pens – Things to Consider When Shopping For Puppy Pens


Expert Author Marina Fisher

There is seldom anything more delightful than the excitement of bringing home a new puppy. However, once in your home, the reality sets in. Puppies are playful and curious most of the time. They are still learning new things so you should expect that owning a puppy can get a little nerve-racking. Puppies do not just settle in one area of your home voluntarily; like babies and small children, they are insatiably curious about everything, and need to explore the entire house.

Because of this, they can never be left unsupervised, as they are a danger to themselves, and the household furnishings as well. They love to chew things, and therefore, not only is there a risk of losing your favorite pair of shoes, but more importantly, a risk of choking. Aside from this, there will be issues of toilet-training and obedience-training. All these factors make a puppy pen a great investment.

Puppy pens are containers for puppies that you can place inside and outside the house. Having a pen will help you keep your puppy safe, when you are unable to supervise him. Aside from that, they will help you train your puppy and to housebreak him. It is a bad idea to use a puppy pen to punish your puppy, as it is better for him to associate his pen with happy feelings. You can customize your dog’s pen to make him more comfortable.

Buying a pen for your puppy will not only protect your pet but also your valuables. Placing your puppy inside a pen will protect your home furnishings. However, unless it is at night, it is not advisable to leave your puppy penned for longer than one and a half hours, as this will give rise to separation anxiety and abandonment issues.

The great thing about pet pens is that your dog can still feel a part of the family, as opposed to an outsider in a crate or dog-house outside. When shopping for a pen, there are some things you need to consider:

Things to consider when shopping for puppy pens

It is wise to choose a pen that can be easily moved from one area to another. If you want to bring your puppy to the kitchen while you prepare dinner, you can easily do so. There are puppy pens that are light but very durable. They come in different materials, like wood, metal, or plastic. Plastic is less recommended, as a puppy may be able to chew through it. There are also collapsible versions of puppy pens, which make it easier to bring your puppy with you on a picnic, as you can stop him from wandering off and getting lost, or choking on some small object on the ground.

The size of a puppy pen should depend on the size of the puppy, as well as his growth rate and activity-level. A puppy pen should be spacious, and high enough to prevent your puppy from jumping or climbing out. A 36 square inch pen is recommended, either square or many-sided. Your puppy’s pen will act as his temporary haven in your home.

You will want to make it as comfortable as possible. It should have a sleeping area, a play area, an eating area, and a littering area. Puppies get easily stressed so it is important for them to get enough rest. Choose waterproof pads or cushions to equip the pen so in case your pet pees, it becomes easier to clean up.

Before you leave your puppy by himself in a pen, make sure you take him out to the toilet. The pen should be lined with newspapers, and the puppy should have an adequate supply of food, water and sturdy chew toys. You must never leave a puppy alone with cheap plastic toys or chews that have detachable parts that your puppy can easily choke on.

A minor consideration is the aesthetic design of a puppy pen. You may want the pen to conform to your home design. Thankfully, this is not difficult to solve. Puppy pens come in different colors and finishes, and there is sure to be one for everyone. Ensuring the safety of your puppy is necessary for him to grow into a healthy, happy, well-behaved dog.