About Lyncrest Cavaliers and King Charles Cavalier Puppies

We started looking for king charles cavalier puppies for sale in 1996. The first thing we found is we had the name wrong; they are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. After much looking we found a breeder in Seattle that asked us more questions than we asked her, she obviously cared about who adopted her cavalier puppies. We got our first Cavalier from her in 1998. We got our second cavalier from her a few weeks later! (You just can’t have one!). Both boys. We went to our first breed match a month later and got hooked on showing our tri boy.

In 2000 we traveled to England to meet Cavalier breeders in their country of origin. We ended up coming home with our first girl, Leighla and have been Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeders since that time. We have a regular web site at www.Lyncrest.net and invite you to stop by. Over the years we have bred a number of litters and just love Cavalier puppies. We thought a blog would be a good way of keeping a history of our cavalier litters. We do not breed because we want to make cavalier king charles puppies for sale! We show cavaliers and are breeding for high quality Cavaliers we can enjoy ourself and continue to show and enjoy raising Cavalier puppies.

Our Breeding Protocol

Sire & Dam are both tested for Eyes, Heart, and  Patella annually and have hip x-rayed and certified. Before re-homing puppies  have been microchiped, dew claws removed, received full shots, had a  professional structural evaluation, had eyes tested, hearts checked and complete  well puppy checks. Puppies are crate trained and have started their house training.

You will receive copies of all certificates, Sire, Dam  and Puppy.

You are always welcome to our home to view the mom and  puppies.

Be prepared for an in-depth evaluation. We want to make  sure our puppies go to a good home as much as you are interested in getting a  well breed puppy.

We strive to do it right or not at all. These are too special of a breed to take short cuts. There are plenty of sources of cheap Cavaliers, but you will only buy one once.

Feel free to contact us at 971 252-1894