Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small loving dog, fondly called the love sponge.  Historically, during Tudor times in England, Toy Spaniels were quite common as ladies’ pets, but it was under the Stuarts that they were given the royal title of King Charles Spaniels. King Charles II was seldom seen without two or three spaniels at his heels. The red and white strain of Toy Spaniels was bred at Blenheim Palace by various Dukes of Marlborough. The breed became extinct due to the popularity of flat faced dogs like Pugs and King Charles Spaniel (also called “Charlies” and known in the United States as the English Toy Spaniel). The breed was reintroduced in the 1920 and in 1945 the Kennel Club granted separate registration for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

To learn more about the breed I would recommend searching for a local breed club. A local club will let you interact with people that have been with the breed for a number of years. Additional information can be gained from the national clubs websites.

Choosing a puppy –  all puppies are cute, happy and irresistible. The selection of a reputable, responsible and experienced breeder is the most important step you can take to assist you in finding a healthy, temperamentally sound puppy that will develop into an equally healthy and temperamentally sound adult dog that will be a part of your family for years to come. Let the breeder guide you, the breeder has watched the puppies  since birth and has a understanding into each puppies temperament and traits.

Are you worthy of buying?  A good indicator of how seriously a breeder is will be evident in their interaction with potential buyers. Be ready for the 5th degree interview if they care about placing their puppies. They should be able to let you interact with the mom to see her temperament (mom not available should be a red flag). The breeder should be concerned about the welfare of the puppy after placement and will have questions about your family, schedule, home and yard. The breeder will also require a spay/neuter contract on pet puppies. The harder it is to qualify as a puppy buyer the higher the chance you are working with a responsible breeder.


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